Illuminated by the sun,
the earth creates life.

TILLA is a coined word that represented the blazing sun (the sun is called TIDA in Okinawa dialect) Then the EARTH is a word that means giving birth and creation.
We appreciate for the nature of Ishigaki Island which benefited from the sun and the earth. We name our brand after TILLA EARTH.

The design motive of TILLA EARTH is dazzling sun of Ishigaki Island , the sea of emerald blue, beautiful coral reef, brilliant green, subtropical flowers bloom all the year and lots of rich nature of Ishigaki Island.

By wearing our accessories, we wish you would receive the power of the nature and a feeling of healing on the island.

All jewelry is made in the atelier of Ishigaki Island and it's Hand made. The creators are making a piece of jewelry with all their heart. Living in Ishigaki Island , feeling the nature of Ishigaki Island and creating jewelries are the things that we cherish.

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